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Facebook Groups: The Glimmer of Hope for Organic Reach?

In the past, before social networks were hip, every small niche had its forum on the web. Some of these forums have tens of thousands of active users. From the restoration of cars to dog training.

Today Facebook groups have replaced these niche forums. This is great from the user’s point of view, because you can participate in 30 groups at the same time and everything runs on your Facebook newsfeed.

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Field test: Facebook sends pages to the siding in several countries

The Facebook Explore Feed will be launched worldwide this week. Most people around the world can see it in their bookmarks and discover new content here. But in Slovakia, Sri Lanka, Serbia, Bolivia, Guatemala and Cambodia it works differently: All contributions from pages are moved to the Explore Feed. In the main newsfeed there are now only friends and sponsored contributions. Yes, you log in to Facebook and can only see posts from your friends and ads. No posts from Facebook pages. You must click Browse feed to view posts from pages.

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Let's send our newsletters in plain text!

How gross! Someone has tested all kinds of e-mails: onboarding e-mails, email sales, webinar invitations, newsletters, product updates – and so on. Result: Emails without HTML worked better by getting away. The simple, unstyled e-mails led to more openings, clicks, answers and conversions. Answers to welcome e-mails have tripled. Opening rates plus 30-35%.

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Remembering what we read

Why is it the case that some people seem to read a book once and can remember every detail for life, while others barely remember the title a few days after reading it? The answer is simple, but not easy. It’s not about what we read. Passive readers forget things almost as quickly as they read. Active readers, on the other hand, retain most of what they read. Here are some tips.
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