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You need an offer or have questions? We would love to hear from you. Please use our contact form or give us a call: +49 7471 7020540. Please use our PGP-encrypted contact form if needed. All entries are optional. Your data will only be used to answer your individual enquiry and will subsequently be deleted.


All information is optional. Please remember to indicate your e-mail or telephone number so that we can reach you. You have the option of encrypting your entire message with OpenPGP. This means that it can only be decoded by Bernhard Jodeleit, owner of Lots of Ways GmbH. This is very simple: Enter your message, click on the following button "Encrypt" and then transmit the encoded message to us.

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Encryptable form for your message to us


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If needed: Permanently encrypted communication with us

The above contact form works encrypted on your site without any technical requirements. If you want to communicate with us permanently encrypted by e-mail and are familiar with the use of PGP encryption, please use the Public PGP Key of Bernhard Jodeleit, founder of Lots of Ways GmbH.

Download Public PGP Key Bernhard Jodeleit

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