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With the Mockup Generator you can quickly generate a (virtual) smartphone with your desired display content.

Facebook Campage a stock photo, which is attention-grabbing, but somewhat far-fetched in context

Facebook Campage a stock photo, which is attention-grabbing, but somewhat far-fetched in context

We all have been there before: You would like to advertise a more or less generic topic and are looking for a photographic motif. For example, I noticed in another context that this wonderfully icy image was well received in a Facebook campaign and used it yesterday to post a dark post with a link to the blog home page here. But that’s a little hair-raising – the coolest tips and then an arctic motif. Generally: There are too many bad pictures on the web.

The only question is: What to take then?

With this is possible.

The Online Mockup Generator can be used without registration and without costs.

I wouldn’t use it with registration either – because the website is not SSL-secured. Background color, color of the smartphone and the viewing angle can be defined with a few mouse movements and clicks. Then, for example, you get a screenshot of the desired page or app and upload it. The result is your own website or app mockup with smartphone.

If I notice that these kinds of small tips and links mentioning useful and free Tools are well received, I will mention them from time to time in this blog. Feel free to mention other freebies in the comments section.

A very nice source for freebies in the area of design

…is, from my point of view, the website of ByPeople from Bogota – they always deliver cheap offers in the area of design as well as free sources for Photoshop artists. Even for me as a non-designer there are always exciting things, among other things one or the other Mockup Generator, vectors, graphics and pictures and much more.

Screenshot of the homepage of, a free tool for smartphone display mockups

Screenshot of the website

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