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.jetzt Domains:
Integrated call
to action
for the German

is an ideal domain name extension,
meaning “now” in German.

Owners of online shops seeking for a suitable domain name know this pain: Attractive domain names for generic keywords are often sold out.

If they are available, they are classified as premium domain names. So after the first millisecond of “yes…!” you’re disappointed. Such domain names will cost you several thousand Dollars or Euros, and sometimes even five-digit amounts. You probably don’t want that.

.jetzt domains: The “NOW” for the German market

To be honest, there are many generic keywords for which you cannot register a .jetzt domain either because other people already grabbed them. But there are still some very attractive .jetzt domain names left which are especially suitable for online shops, niche sites or affiliate websites. Those .jetzt domain names are extremely valuable if you want to target a German speaking audience and if your website is conversion-centric.

Generic domain names with .jetzt – get them now

We have made the test and can state that there are still some real domain name pearls available within the .jetzt top level domain name space. You can register domain names with this suffix which you could not get hold of within other well-established TLDs.

.jetzt domains with 80% discount through Sep. 30, 2017

We have checked our pricing table and can offer .jetzt domains (meaning “NOW” in German language) with a very special discount of 80% for the first year. This special will be running until the end of September 2017. Our regular price is EUR 24.99 for on year.

As always, we offer .jetzt domains with personal service, SSL, flexible DNS management and an auto-renewal you can turn off at any time. Our support team is always there for you in case you should need assistance with your domain or hosting.

.jetzt domains are activating and easy to remember

As explained, “jetzt” ist the German word for “now”. This means .jetzt domains have a very explicit integrated call to action. They can be easily remembered by your audience and increase your conversion rate and rate of returning visitors.

Feel free to use our realtime domain name check in order to find out if your .jetzt domain name for the German speaking market ist still available. Do it JETZT.

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Save now on your .jetzt domain

Register .jetzt domain names with 80% discount through September 2017. In order to activate your discount, enter our promo code JETZT17 during checkout (direct link: Register .jetzt domain names with promo code already activated).

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