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by | 04.09.2017

With our little trick you can take away special prices for domains – without having to pay a lot more than planned from the second year onwards.

With domains, this is one thing: Everybody needs them, but when registering, you often run into traps. Domain providers lure again and again with attractive special conditions and rich discounts. Savings of 50 percent or more within a campaign period are not uncommon.

I don’t know if you are aware of this: as a customer, you tend to get annoyed. Either because the domains you would have liked to secure were not registered in time and then allocated, out of sparingness. Or because you have accumulated a much too large portfolio in a hint of diligence and precaution and have to laboriously look for domains and cancel – or sell – them.

We also offer domain specials with very large discounts, which are only valid in the first year. For example: Domains with the TLD. shop currently cost only 2,99 EUR (net) for a whole year. The standard price starting from year 2, however, is 49.99 EUR per year. . blog is available for 9,99 EUR instead of 29,99 EUR. This means for customers: If you hold the ordered domain just under one year, then you actually only pay 2.99 EUR or 9.99 EUR plus VAT, but from the renewal in the second year onwards it will be much more expensive. Then you only want to keep the domain if you really need it – but in many cases you forget to cancel the domain in time.

There is no “bad will” behind it – rather, we pass on purchasing advantages to our customers, which we receive from our partners within the scope of comparable special campaigns.

And that’s why I’d like to share a tip with our customers today:

It can be a good tactic from the customer’s point of view to register domains within the framework of special promotions at a reasonable price, but to deactivate automatic renewal immediately afterwards. This means that you have the advantage – low-cost registration for a whole year at prices close to zero. You become the owner of the domain and can decide at your leisure whether you want to do something or not with the domain. However, the immediate deactivation of automatic renewal effectively prevents you from “accidentally” paying the higher price from the second year onwards.

Good to know: You can switch on the automatic renewal before the end of the first year at any time, if you change your mind. Then the domain will be automatically renewed.

Do you have any questions? We are happy to help.

Domains are like other spontaneous purchases: Sometimes you have to make a quick decision and yet the investment needs to be well thought out.

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