Conditional Logic
for WordPress:

Show contents depending on time,
user-location and much more

I am a big fan of Conditional Logic. Why not show users of a website exactly what they are interested in? We are doing our website visitors a favor, but especially ourselves. With Conditional Logic we can present exactly the content that the user wants to see. Thus, we have a better chance of conversions -> that our website fulfils its purpose, namely: making contacts, selling, binding, providing the desired information.

It is possible to output content depending on the following factors:

When is the website called up?

This is probably the simplest example of conditional logic. Typical applications: A restaurant offers a variety of specials and menus in the mornings, afternoons and evenings. The owner of the restaurant’s website can easily determine beforehand that the breakfast menu will be displayed at the top of the website until 10 a. m., followed by the lunch menu and, from 2 p. m. onwards, the evening menu with priority. Once set – and the rest runs automatically.

What is the location from where the website is accessed?

Unlimited possibilities. If we know that our readers’ regional needs are different, we may display or hide information depending on the location of our website visitors. For example, next week I will be travelling in Berlin. This can then go so far that I show a bar at the top of my website for website visitors from this region, which says:”Hello, Berlin! We are on site this week and look forward to a personal meeting.” Clearly, we depend on receiving accurate geoinformation about the IP address of the visitor.

Is the user registered? If yes, as what or who?

Ideal for pages with membership features. But those who run such a website usually know this: depending on the group to which a member belongs, you can of course show or hide any content you like.

What is the user’s history on our website?

Especially interesting for pages with membership functions. For example, I can use automatic functions to congratulate and motivate my most successful or most active members. I can ask users who have bought a particular product whether they are satisfied with offering them more information or trying to sell them a suitable add-on product.

Has our user seen this content before?

A particularly useful feature for websites that occasionally display campaign banners and promotions. After all, it’s enough when a user sees these specials. We don’t want to bore or annoy our users. So: The omnipresent cookies use and users who have already seen an advertising banner before do not show the same banner again immediately, but for example after 30 days at the earliest.

Is the user willing to answer a question and tell us what he wants?

Contact forms can be much more than contact forms. With current plug-ins, it is possible to create fully interactive websites. We ask the user a question to greet him/her, if necessary further questions in the course of the process, and an individual, fully customized website is built up.

If you are wondering: How flexible are these contents to be displayed? Are these only small buttons, surfaces, banners that are interchangeable? No: Really every section of a current website, for example implemented with WordPress and the Premium Theme Divi, can be controlled accordingly.

There are no limits to the dynamics and adaptability.

You would like to implement such a conditional logic on your website?

We will be pleased to help you.