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Until Nov. 30, 2018 business customers can register domains with the TLD .shop with us for 0,99 EUR (or the equivalent in USD). You save 59 EUR (or the equivalent in USD) compared to the regular price.

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.shop domains make it clear at a glance what a website is all about: Online shops and offers. Not only for startups and creative marketing campaigns, .shop domains are a great chance in the run for the best web addresses. They might be able to find and register domain names which are not available anymore in other domain name spaces. Even if you are not sure if you will offer an online shop in the future, you should register the “yourbrand”.shop domain in order to avoid others being faster than you.

There are no hidden costs. Included in the price is the complete domain administration by you as a user in your customer area. You can freely change the DNS records and also the name servers of your domain. An automatic renewal of your .shop domain for subsequent years only takes place if you do not deactivate the renewal in the customer area. The price per year in the following years is 59.99 EUR (or the current equivalent in USD) per year.

You will receive your discounted price of 0.99 EUR (or the current equivalent in USD) for the first year if you enter the promotional code shop1118 when completing your order (you will find an entry field in the shopping basket for this).

No online shop without the right domain!

Many shop owners overlook the fact that the Internet address .shop is being snatched away from them. They have the chance to secure the appropriate domain with the domain extension .shop, so far not used.

But especially shops in popular industries often find themselves confronted with the situation that no suitable address is available in the long-established address spaces such as “.de” or “.com”. Many of these online shops would currently still have the chance to register an attractive, clear and trustworthy domain according to the knitting pattern .shop. To get hold of such domains in address spaces like “.de” or “.com” is almost impossible.

This results in cumbersome constructs, such as long, hard to remember domains with hyphens and filler words.

One reason for the reluctance to register .shop domains may be lack of awareness: The fact that, in addition to .de, .eu and similar established domain extensions, there has also been the Top Level Domain “.shop” since 2016 has simply not yet reached many shop owners.

Owners of online shops who have not yet secured the .shop domains that match their shop should be warned: If things go very badly, it can therefore easily happen that competitors, their undercover service providers or domain dealers strike and quickly secure the .shop domain that is ideally suited to their own shop.

One thing is certain for this reason:

Owners of online shops are well advised to check whether the matching .shop domain is still freely available

– and to secure them without further ado if necessary. The process is completed within a few minutes.

With a little imagination you can find a lot of available generic terms in the area of .shop domains, which can be registered additionally. These include, for example, industry names, product categories, regions – and so on and so forth.

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